Removable Plates

Removable appliances or plates are used for relatively minor tooth movements, particularly in children who still have deciduous teeth. They are worn all the time except for cleaning (yes, even when eating!) or for sports requiring a mouth guard or swimming.

The most common orthodontic problem treated by upper removable appliances (URA) is crossbites of the front teeth. Crossbites of the back teeth can also be corrected and thumb-sucking habits can be helped. In some cases, this early treatment may be the only treatment that the patient ever requires but most patients will still need more complex treatment with braces later.

Removable Plates

Functional appliances – Twin Blocks

These are removable appliances that, in general, force the lower jaw into a more forward position when biting. This repositioning of the lower jaw creates a potential space for growth of the lower jaw at the back, particularly the jaw joint, thereby lengthening the lower jaw itself. It is designed to take optimum advantage of any inherent and natural growth of the patient’s lower jaw. There is no evidence that it grows the lower jaw more than the patient’s genetic potential.

Functional appliances are only used in actively growing patients for quite specific types of bites and severities of bites, and are only the treatment of choice for a relatively small number of cases. They are used as part of Early Treatment and fixed braces are almost always necessary afterwards.
活动矫正器是用来小幅度的移动牙齿,尤 其用来移动小孩子的乳牙。这种矫正器,除了清洁,游泳和需要戴护齿器的时候可 以拿下,其他时需要戴着,包括吃饭的时 候。

活动矫正器最常治疗的病例是上前牙交叉 咬合。后牙的交叉咬合和吸手指的习惯也 是可以用这种矫正器来纠正。有些病人只 需要戴活动矫正器就可以完成治疗,但大 多数的病人以后会需要戴固定矫正器。

Removable Plates

功能性矫正器 – Twin Block

这种活动矫正器会在咬合的时候把下颌骨固定在前突的位 置,留出空间给下颌骨生长,延长它的长度。功能性矫正 器是设计利用颌骨的自然发育来加快下颌的生长。它不能 使下颌骨的发育超过天生自定的长度。

功能性矫正器是适用还在发育中的病人或特殊咬合病人。只有少数的病例可以使用。它只是早期治疗的一部分,以 后是一定要戴固定矫正器来结束治疗。