Patient Reviews

We are lucky enough to offer Orthodontic services to many wonderful patients. Below are some of the testimonials that we have received.

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Brilliant work - have always enjoyed coming to see Dr Max and the staff. 5 out of 5
Susan H (Abby 13 & Sofia 16)

Had excellent care, i am very greatful to Dr Max and the team. 
Silipa N

I came and saw Dr Max in 2013. He explained to me the commitment I needed to make, if I wanted a great result. Some days were hard when I had to change aligners and 'break in" a new set, but it was all worth it in the end. Dr Max and his staff were always so lovely and made the experience really enjoyable. 
Now I have exactly what I've wanted and its all thanks to Dr Max and his incredible team. 
I would recommend going to Max and Beresford.  5 out of 5. 

Thank you, Victoria N

Hello Dr Max,

I just wanted to thank you for your great treatment of Mitchell's teeth! I am thrilled with the final result, and Mitchell is ecstatic. My children are certainly very fortunate to have had this quality care, and huge investment in their teeth. I only hope they prove their appreciation by taking extremely good care of their teeth for the rest of their lives!

Many thanks, Ngaire W. 

Dear Dr Max and staff,

I really cannot thank you enough for the tremendous service and excellent treatment my daughter, Isabella, received during her 2 years in braces. 

I was extremely impressed with your friendly and high tech facilities. The way in which you carefully explained each step of the process was outstanding, and much appreciated. Not only did you align her teeth perfectly, but you did so in a way that best suited her facial structure. Her regular dentist has been astounded by the results.

I would also like to mention the rest of the wonderful team at Max & Beresford Orthodontists, as they have been nothing but first class all the way. Giving instructions on how to apply bands, advice on colours and providing direction for brushing and flossing was exceptional. Making appointments was easy and always on time. The check-in process in reception and email reminders with appointment confirmation was helpful and convenient.

The care received from initial consultation to the removal of her braces exceeded our expectations.Isabella is ecstatic with her new 'look' and can't stop smiling. She has received countless compliments.

My husband and I, highly recommend Dr Max and his team, and will continue to do so with every opportunity. We could not have asked for a better experience!

In Isabella's words - "Dr Max is the best orthodontist ever!"  

Yours sincerely
Katrina J

Our daughter Paige has been a patient of Dr Max for several years.
We came to Dr Max after receiving a glowing report from a friend whose daughter was one of his patients. Right from the start he was so professional, he explained in detail (so that we could understand) exactly what was necessary for Paige. The entire staff are excellent and are all well trained.

A big thank you also for always being on time with appointments.  Nothing is worse than going to a Medical type professional appointment and be kept waiting for a very long time.  Well done for being as organised as you are.  In this day and age when we are all time short it is very refreshing.

Our experience throughout has been  of a very high standard and I would definitely recommend for anyone needing orthodontists work done in the future.

Ros R

My daughter Amber is a patient of Dr Max

From the onset and throughout her orthodontic treatment, she received the highest standard of care from all staff at the clinic. Appointments were made conveniently and clinics always punctual.  I was kept fully informed and felt totally confident in the progress Amber made during her treatment.  

The outcome has been transformative for Amber and I would highly recommend Max and Beresford to anyone requiring orthodontic treatment.


My daughter needed some extreme and detailed orthodontic work. We were referred to Doctor Beresford and over the last three years have had an amazing experience. The team at Max and Beresford were informative, conscientious and helpful on all occasions. Doctor Beresford’s work and skill has had a brilliant and life changing effect on my daughter as her teeth look perfect, and she has a new found confidence. Very big for a teenager! Having the rooms in the Eastern suburbs is a big plus logistically as well. The team has always been accommodating to rescheduling appointments and always there to answer questions. I would highly recommend Max and Beresford to anyone, and a big thanks to the whole team.

Stefan D

My journey of Invisalign treatment with Dr Mark Beresford,

I cannot believe that it’s been more than 400 days since I started my invisalign treatment with Dr Mark Beresford. Although I am still in the final refining stage, I can hardly hide my proud when smiling. The experience is long and requires patience and self-discipline, but well worth it!

I had a small gap between my upper front teeth since being a teenager. The gap became larger with age and the teeth looked wonkier. After many hesitations, I decided to have invisaliyn treatment. I chose Dr Mark Beresford. He is a highly respected orthodontist in NZ. After initial appointments and discussions, he approved my treatment plan and promised me that I would not have to close my mouth in my next photo. The journey began.

I have 19 trays of 3D printed invisalign aligners, custom-designed, elastic and transparent. Dr Beresford gives me 2-3 sets each appointment to wear for around 2.5 -3.0 weeks. Retrospectively I can say that the whole experience is a happy one.  Every week I feel the teeth movement and each appointment I receive warm reception by Dr Beresford and encouragement from staff. Our discussion is frank, the attitude is professional and the check-up is thorough. What I appreciate most is that Dr Beresford examines me personally each time to make sure my progress is as planned. And yes, I am always on or ahead of designed schedule. He instills confidence in my treatment; and I trust him.

Of course I made effort myself to wear more than 22 hours per day. The anecdotes can be long in details. But my experience is painless apart from 1 week of self-inflicted stall. I also get compliments from my family. After my treatment, my younger son (13 years old) will also go to Dr Beresford to have his teeth straightened. Of course he will have braces instead. He can not wait till all his teeth grown after seeing my result.

Now I am able to smile without feeling self-conscious. Looking back the old photos and my treatment diary, I see that the transition is amazing. Dr Beresford has kept his promise and the Invisalign treatment did its wonderful job.
We have many joys in life, a new suit, a new car or a bigger house. However nothing has made me feel more thrilled than the result of this investment; and the return is beyond percentages, it is a life changer!

I should express my gratitude to all the nice staff members in Max & Beresford, esp. Jennifer, Alla, Qun and Suzanne. Their kindness and help have made my journey a pleasant one.

Thanks and best regards,
Richard L

All three of my children have had Orthodontic treatment at Max and Beresford, and I am very happy with the results.  They all now have gorgeous smiles.  The process has been far better than my experience as a teenager, from both a comfort and response point of view, with friendly and helpful staff. We have no hesitation in recommending the practice as THE place to have orthodontic treatment in Auckland.


I cannot be more enthusiastic in recommending Max Beresford for orthodontic treatment. 

I went to see Dr Max as a result of an injury that required braces to fix my teeth alignment. I had clear brackets on my top teeth which gave a semblance of privacy to the treatment going on in my mouth. I found Dr Max and his wonderful team to be very professional and compassionate in their care and very efficient. I was pleased that once I got used to the initial discomfort, and that was not as much as I had anticipated, I was able to continue my daily activities quite comfortably. I am thrilled with the result and my new beautiful smile. I am happy to wear my retainers at night to ensure it stays this way and I appreciate the fact they have installed wires behind my front teeth for added support and security. 

Kind regards,