Just as orthodontic problems vary widely, the fees for treatment also vary greatly. Indications of costs are given below but always a definite quote will be given before any treatment commences. The fee will be quoted in writing and a contract will be provided, describing how payments are to be made.

For full treatment with braces, approximately 20% of the total fee is payable when the braces are fitted and the remaining amount is divided into 18 to 24 monthly payments or six to eight three-monthly payments. All quotes include GST. The quotes do have a time limit and if the start of treatment is delayed from the time that the quote is given, the fee may rise slightly. The fee is fixed and does not increase or decrease if the treatment time takes longer or less time than estimated originally. However, fees may rise due to lack of cooperation by the patient. Fortunately, this is rare!

Fees for new adult patients to the practice for the initial appointment is $450, including the records required for diagnosis, and treatment planning. The initial appointment fee for a patient under 18 is $290.

Treatment costs for full treatment with regular Damon braces on the upper and lower teeth for an average treatment time of 24 months are approximately $9,000 – $9,500, payable over 18 to 24 months. Note that this is very approximate as each patient has different needs. The option of Clear Damon brackets on the upper teeth has an additional charge.

The cost of treatment with Invisalign® starts depends on the amount of aligners required.

Removable appliances also vary hugely in their complexity and duration of treatment. Costs range from $1,100 to $1,900, although functional appliances cost considerably more.
因为矫正病例各不相同所以费用也不同。下面给您的是一 般的费用。我们会写给您准确的估价和付费方式。

全口的固定矫正器通常在装上后,付整个费用的20%,其 余的除以18 到24 个月或者每3 个月付一次。所有估价包 括GST。估价有时间限止,如果治疗推迟费用会不同。费 用是固定的,治疗的长短都一样。如果病人没有配合治疗 费用会有增加。

新病人第一次就诊费用是$400-$450(成人)取决于每个 病例的轻重程度和诊断时间不同会有所不同。

全口用Damon 固定器一般治疗24 个月的费用要$8,000 到 $14,000,18-24 个月付完。注意不同病例会有所不同。如果 要用Damon 透明矫正器在前牙费用会增加。

Invisalign 的费用是$8,500。首付的费用比较高,这是因为实验室的制造费用很高。

活动矫正器的费用是$1,100 到$1,900,功能性矫正器稍微贵 一些。