New patient Information

Is a referral needed?

No referral is needed. Although many patients are referred by their dentist, hygienist or dental therapist, anyone who has concerns about their child’s or their own teeth can make an appointment simply by phoning us or through this website on the Appointment Request page.

We will send you a questionnaire, requesting some practical details and some health and dental details. When completed, this form should be returned to us by email or post before the appointment to confirm the appointment.

New patient appointments are usually scheduled Monday to Thursday at 12.00pm, 2.00pm or 4:15pm. The times are more variable for Dr. Beresford at the Pakuranga Clinic on Thursday afternoons.

The first appointment

At this first visit, your or your child’s orthodontic requirements will be assessed. The appointment is usually 45-60 minutes long. After an introductory meeting in a private office, orthodontic records will be obtained. These normally include the taking of digital photographs of the face and teeth and clinical digital radiographs. Impressions of the teeth are sometimes taken so that plaster models can be made, but this step is often deferred for a future appointment.

A detailed examination of your or your child’s face, teeth and bite will then be made. Following this, the findings will be explained to you and recommendations discussed for orthodontic treatment, if treatment is indicated. None of these procedures is painful and you should not feel apprehensive. If orthodontic treatment is recommended, we will discuss the estimated treatment time and the fees associated with this service. Subsequent appointments will then be scheduled. If your child is not ready for treatment, he or she will be placed on a regular recall list so that continuing dental and facial development can be monitored.

The fee for this visit usually varies between $400 and $450 (adults) and $240 (children) (including GST) depending on the nature of the problem, the records required for diagnosis and treatment planning, and the complexity of the assessment required. Payment is required at the completion of the appointment.

We want to make this a most pleasant experience for you, therefore, if you have any questions prior to your appointment, please call.

Check-in at your first appointment

When you arrive at our practice ensure that you check-in at the front desk. Your details may be checked and the clinic will be informed of your arrival.

Emails and texts

Once we have your email address and mobile number, we can, with your permission, send reminders of any subsequent appointments. Should either of these details change, it is important that you inform us so that we can maintain our contact.

Making an appointment

If you would like to contact us to make an appointment, please click on the Request An Appointment button at the top of the page an online form.

Office Location

Our office is conveniently located in Remuera, Auckland New Zealand.
For detailed directions, please see the Contact us page.

Branch Practice

Dr Beresford has a branch practice at 2/175 Pakuranga Road, Pakuranga, on Thursday afternoons only.