Would you like beautiful straight, healthy teeth?
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Advanced Treatment from Experienced Orthodontists

Drs. Robert MaxMark Beresford and Julian Haszard are highly qualified and experienced registered specialist orthodontists in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand. We treat children and adults using Damon, Clear and Lingual braces, Invisalign® “invisible” braces, or removable appliances, with a “Face-Focused” approach, to give the optimum result for each individual.

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Individualized Patient Care

At Max & Beresford Orthodontics, our goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care. We take a team approach to treatment, from the front-desk staff, to the orthodontic auxiliaries and dental assistants, to the laboratory technicians. We realize that each patient has different dental needs and concerns and we work with each patient to help them achieve the beautiful and healthy smile they desire!

If you want to improve your smile, please schedule an appointment so Drs. Max and Beresford can tell you the benefits of beautiful, straight teeth, how we can do your treatment and what braces are available.






Drs. Robert Max 和 Mark Beresford 是在奥克兰的Remuera 工作的两位牙齿矫正专家 。我们用 Damon,透明,隐型, Invisalign,或活动矫正器为您治疗。为您带来最理想的效果。


我们的目标---- 细心照料每一个病人

在Max & Beresford,我们的宗旨是提供最高质量的牙齿矫正治疗。 我们有一个完整的治疗团队会根据您的特殊需求给您最适合的治疗方案,让您拥有一副健康,美丽的牙齿!

如有需要,请联络我们预约时间。 我们的医生会给您详细的介绍。